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5 hutchinson street Surry Hills NSW 2010 Australia

We are Sydney’s leading cocktail bartender hire service. Our small yet talented team have worked in some of the finest bars in and around Sydney. Get in touch when you’re to take your event to the next level. We provide bar staff hire, cocktail making classes, mixology masterclasses, mobile bar hire, cocktail bartender hire, wedding staff hire & much more!

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Self-Drive Recreational 4WD Hire | Off-Road 4×4 Rental | Bush Camper Hire Fraser Island, Seventy-Five Mile Beach, Lake McKenzie, and Kingfisher Bay Resort

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320 Decker Dr #100 Irving, TX 75062

‘Brandnic – World’s largest branded names marketplace. Brandnic is a supplier of recognized brand names for individuals who are looking for domains for their firms, blogs or enterprises. Your name is your recognition and Brandnic is a marketplace with several of the best names up for sale that are currently online.

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USA - California is a repository of the largest things in the world. We cover a wide variety of topics in categories ranging from sports, people and even entertainment. Our staff is adept at investigating and producing research to answer all your questions. Pay us a visit and prepare to be fascinated.


Have you ever broken down on a road traveling out of the city of St. Petersburg, Florida? If so, you know how frustrating that can be, especially if it’s at night with not much traffic flowing. Luckily, in today’s world of modern technology, your cell phone will be close at hand. Even better would be if you have our towing number listed in your contacts. Our towing business covers ground everywhere in the state of Florida.

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4014 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB, Canada

InnoTech College is a post-secondary institution, with two campuses.

Our Calgary campus is located, centrally, on MacLeod Trail, just 1 block from 39th Ave LRT Station.

The Edmonton campus is located downtown, on Jasper Ave, and is connected to Central LRT station.

We offer a Programming Diploma, specializing in SharePoint, as well as other programs in technology and development, including Cloud Architecture, Cloud Security and Big Data Science and Architecture. Our programs include accelerated Diplomas as well as shorter certificate programs that qualify for the Alberta Canada Job Grant, allowing employers to receive the majority to be reimbursed for much of their employees’ professional development costs. We assist our students with learning about their eligibility for government student funding, as well as support them with the enrollment process, as well as their success within our programs and thereafter.

Website: Calgary Programming Diploma

Calgary: 587-892-3340

Edmonton: 780-425-3340

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11051 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Criminal defence lawyers for Edmonton & all of Alberta

Marshall Hopkins & Damon MacLeod are Edmonton criminal defence lawyers with many years of experience – Hopkins MacLeod speaks for you when you can’t speak for yourself.
We understand that criminal charges put your life on hold—they also take your voice away. Anything you say to the police, your friends or your family can be used against you. Your lawyer is the only person that you can speak to freely. We are your defence.

11051 – 97 St.
Suite 101
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 2N2


Website: Edmonton Criminal Lawyers

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2130 South Platte River Drive, Denver, CO, USA

Ablyss is proud to offer over 60 years of master-level craftsmanship in refinishing, preservation and upholstery work. After more than six decades in the industry, Ablyss specializes in: Antique Restoration, Custom Furniture, Furniture Repair, Furniture Refinishing and Reupholstery.

As a repair and reupholstery shop focused on these techniques, we gladly accept work of all kinds, finding solutions to repair, restore, refinish, preserve and upholster your furniture to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind results.

Flushing, NY 11357

Our Company offers residential carpet cleaning services in Flushing NY and take pride in providing quick and effective cleaning solutions. We can explain every detail of the cleaning process, from start to finish. This will give you a better idea of what to expect from our modern techniques. As a professional cleaning agency we provide cleaning service at high quality. We clean every type of carpet.

In the past, most carpet cleaning companies used harsh chemicals to do the job. While this can make carpets look good, it is not healthy for anybody living in the home (people or pets). No harsh chemicals ever come in contact with your carpet. For this reason, you can rest easy at night knowing that your home is as safe now as it was before.
Whether you have wall-to-wall carpet in all the rooms of your home, or just a few carpet rugs – there’s one thing that every carpet owner has to deal with. We all need to clean our carpets. Most people who have indoor carpeting only need to do a couple of things to keep their carpet clean; vacuuming frequently and occasionally shampooing their carpet. There are instances, however, when regular routine cleaning doesn’t get rid of all that’s accumulated in your flooring. In these cases, following a good home carpet cleaning tip or two can really make your cleaning task a lot easier.

Brooklyn, NY 11235, USA

Pain Management Clinic to help patients with various stages and types of complex, acute, and chronic pain. Our goal is to minimize symptoms associated with the pain the patient is experiencing and return the person to as much functionality as their individuality allows. You can avoid unnecessary spinal surgery or knee replacement.


What is Back Pain? It is a pain felt in the back, that is often from the muscles, bones, nerves, joints and/or other structures in the spine. The spine is a complex network of joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments and nerves, all of which may produce pain if damaged. Nerves from the spine that extend downwards to the legs and arms can make pain radiate to the extremities. Back pain is one of humanity’s most frequent complaints.


What Are the Symptoms of Back Pain? Almost all people have gone through a day with back pain in their lives. Back Pain comes from a myriad of causes, from serious physical accidents to the silliest of mishaps. Although most causes are different, the symptoms are often the same. Symptoms of back pain can include: Constant and continuous aching or stiffness anywhere along your spine or sharp pain in the lower back, neck, or upper back, especially when doing physical activities that put strain on the back. A pain that extends from the lower back to the buttock, and the inability to stand straight without having to endure sharp, jabbing pains along the spain.


Pain in the upper back may also be a sign of cardiac arrest or other fatal conditions. Be sure to contact your doctor if… You feel numbness, tingling, or weakness in your arms or legs; this may signal damage to the spinal cord. A pain that extends along the back or a pain increases when you cough can be the sign of a herniated disc. If you begin to have problems controlling your bowels or bladder, it may be a good idea to contact a physician to help find the proper pain treatment before the condition worsens. Back pain can vary from just a nuisance during your daily activities to being a life threatening issue. It is best to avoid doing too much physical activities that put stress on the spine.

New York, NY 10036

Mr. Petrychenko completed a fellowship at SUNY Health Science Center to become a Pain management doctor -specialist. Since then Dmitri was working as an Attending Anesthesiologist at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn-NY (NYC). Prior to establishing a private practice Dr. Petrychenko worked as an Attending Pain Medicine Specialist and was employed as an Attending Anesthesiologist in other office-based anesthesia groups. Dmitri Petrychenko, MD completed his Surgery Internship at Department of Surgery, Brooklyn Hospital in Brooklyn-NYC(NY) and residency in anesthesiology at the Department of Anesthesiology, SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn.

If you or a loved one is suffering from chronic pain and you can’t find relief, we may have an effective option for you to consider. Our interventional pain management clinic in Manhattan can provide you with a treatment tailored specifically to the issues you are having. Whether you’re suffering from back pain, knee pain, joint pain or just about any other type of pain, we can help. We use a variety of techniques including pain medication injections to help reduce or eliminate your pain.

We operate two interventional pain management clinics in NYC, New York so you can come into the one closest to you to see what options are available. Interventional pain management is a specific type of pain management that uses techniques to interrupt the flow of pain signals so you can get relief. There are many different options available depending on the specifics of your condition. While it is impossible to 100% guarantee results in any given case, we have helped thousands of people throughout Manhattan with a wide range of chronic pain issues and we believe we can help you too.


24 hours

Cash, all cc




Annual chimney inspection is recommended to all homeowners to ensure that all the systems keep working efficiently and there are no blockages and no other dangers. It has been seen that most of the homeowners do understand the importance of annual chimney cleaning and this is especially true if they use the fireplace on regular basis.


It is also recommended to clean all the other venting systems that are connected to stoves and heating systems to ensure complete safety. One should never neglect any furnace, stove, fireplace or heating appliance to ensure that there are no fire hazards. It is important to keep in mind that even a small defect can quickly turn into a very expensive repair or even a big chimney fire.

East Bay Street, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas

Welcome to Bahama Divers, the Largest Retail, Wholesale, Full Service Dive Center in the Bahamas. We welcome you to explore the pristine waters of New Providence. We look forward to thrilling you with experiences of a lifetime. Bahama Divers has been in operation for over forty years and we welcome you to experience some of our diving and snorkeling programs. Whether you are a novice or an expert we can tailor make the perfect experience for you to enjoy. We specialize in daily excursions and exclusive charter trips for our guests looking to get away from it all! We offer a full range of PADI courses as well as Specialty Certifications.


A business will achieve higher cost efficiency with outsourcing the cleaning and maintenance work compared to having it done in-house. This is because in addition to the purchase of equipment and materials, the company will have to invest in the professional training of in-house staff. If additional workers are hired, the cost will climb further up. Given that the care for air vents and shafts is not a daily or even weekly task for the majority of businesses, it is simply not economical to go for the in-house option.


You should not wait as it usually means additional repair and in some unfortunate cases, loss of property due to fire. It is estimated that homeowners in US lose over $200 million due to use of unsafe systems.


You should also get the chimney or the venting system inspected whenever you make some change to your heating system or add an insert to the stove. This inspection will ensure that venting system, lining as well as chimney are working the way they should.

214 E Pine St, Lodi, CA 95240, USA

At San Joaquin Towing, we have been servicing the Stockton and surrounding areas with some of the industry’s highest quality of professional towing services. If you find yourself in a pickle, give us a call and let our team help you out.

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