NJ wedding photographers create photos that can make you smile, laugh

and even cry. They evoke not just memories but emotions. Our best

rated photographers in NJ help you remember exactly how you felt when

the photo was taken. And in the hands of a professional NJ wedding

photographers, photos can tell a story, your love story, without

words. Photos are powerful in the hands of a top rated photographers

in NJ.



When you hire a NJ wedding photographer from New Jersey Videography,

you get to choose the memories and the images that best capture your

feelings for your 30-page wedding album — although the size depends on

your wedding photography package. The photos are yours forever. In

addition, you get all the digital photographs taken during your

wedding day to share with loved ones who couldn’t make your ceremony

or reception.



Our wedding photographers believe that it’s not about trendy,

touched-up images or even wedding photo idea. It’s not even about

finding that perfect photo. It’s about capturing that perfect moment —

that elusive “moment between moments” that often passes without

notice. A perfect moment combined with an unusual photo idea would

create your perfect picture that will last a lifetime.




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