Address: 515 5th St Brooklyn, NY 11215

About US

As New York’s leading refrigerator specialists, we are aware of difficult life becomes when your fridge isn’t working and we are here to help. Our well-trained and extremely knowledgeable refrigerator technicians offer more than a dozen years of experience in refrigerator repair and expert appliance service. We are highly trained and licensed to handle all of your refrigerator needs, whether your fridge just needs a quick servicing or your high-tech appliance needs a complicated repair job

Our premium-caliber service hinges on our overriding commitment to excellence. We respond quickly to your calls and communicate with you honestly about your refrigerator and its repair needs. We take great pride in estimating repair costs accurately, arriving on time for appointments, delivering meticulous repairs and exceeding all of your repair expectations.

In addition to our first-rate service, part of our quality repair reputation is due to our use of the best refrigerator parts available. You have a considerable investment in your refrigerator, and we rely on excellent parts to help us restore your refrigerator’s function.

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