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For many people, the best choice for long-term care costs involves setting up a Pooled Income Trust. Open to people of any age, it allows them to become financially eligible for insurance programs such as Medicaid, while at the same time preserving their monthly income in a trust to cover living expenses and other needs. By taking advantage of this option, a person can obtain Medicaid home care services for their long-term care needs, while continuing to have the money available to support themselves while at home. A variety of people can greatly benefit from establishing a pooled income trust, including recipients of personal injury settlements, elderly people who are ill and living at home, younger people who have special needs, and people who are applying for or already receiving government benefits.

When a person has to move into a nursing home, they are required to divest themselves of their assets in order to pay for their care. However, by placing their assets into an Irrevocable Trust, the assets can be protected from high nursing home bills. However, it’s important to remember that this type of transfer must be done at least five years before a person goes into a nursing home.

While thinking about the difficulties one may face as they age is difficult, failing to do so can lead to financial problems that can devastate an entire family. Rather than allow this to happen, it’s best to contact a New York Elder Law attorney as early as possible to make arrangements that will be satisfactory to everyone involved. By doing so, a family can gain peace of mind, knowing their financial and long-term care needs will be met.


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Without a clear, detailed, and irrefutable estate plan issues related to the control and ownership of your assets will be thrown into the courts. They will need to be adjudicated, and the result may be contrary to your intentions at best. At worst, it could plunge your enterprises into extreme chaos and lead to the unraveling of all that you spent your life putting together.

You may still be relatively young and vigorous, or you may be getting on in years and nearing retirement. No matter your age or physical condition, you never know when illness or accident might incapacitate or kill you. If you have accumulated the kinds of assets discussed above, then you should sit down with a lawyer and start developing an estate plan.

If you already have a lawyer that you consider a confidant, then you should speak with them about your desire to put an estate plan in place. Such legal documents should be drawn up by a specialist, and your family counsel can help you choose one.


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DD Buyers pays the most cash for your gold guaranteed. You can walk in to our office and walk out with cash, or you can take advantage of our mail gold online kit where if you don’t live in NYC we cover shipping, insurance and send you a wire transfer or direct check.We also are the HIGHEST PAYING ONLINE GOLD BUYER on the internet beating out cash for gold companies left and right. We buy all kinds of gold ranging from gold bracelets, chains, anklets, necklaces, brooches, bullion’s, coins and more. If it has any gold in it we will buy it from you and give you the highest cash payout for your gold guaranteed.We have over 20 years in buying diamonds in the Diamond District. DD Buyers will pay you the most for your diamonds guaranteed, we are certified gemologists and have been buying and selling diamonds for over 20 years. When selling a diamond the customer must take into account the 4 C’s these are the categories that makes up the value, they are cut, color, clarity and carat weight.If you are in need of a pawn loan and not looking to sell your gold or other valuable jewelry like a Rolex watch, coin, diamond engagement ring, then you can inquire about our pawn loan services in the NYC area. We have the lowest rates for pawn shops in the area. Our office is safe, secure, protected and insured.



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At Morgan Law Group PC, our probate attorney can represent you in all aspects of estate litigation including contested will litigation. The last fiduciary duty in estate administration is conferring inherited assets and trust funds to heirs designated by law or named in the deceased will.

Estate planning helps to eliminate any discrepancies or legal issues that may arise after the death of the testator. Even though it is not compulsory to have a will notarized in NY, it is highly recommended for one to notarize it. This means it is “self-proving” and can make probate easy and fast. A will must be kept in a safe and easily accessible place.

Upon the death of a testator, the will needs to be filed in the New York Surrogate Court and in the county where the decedent lived. The original last will is to be accompanied by a petition for letters testamentary. The executor or his attorney file probate and furnishes the court with information about heirs and beneficiaries. Heirs and beneficiaries need to be notified of the ongoing probate proceeding. A probate proves the validity of a will and in some cases, there is a will contest.


If you’ve lived or driven in New York before, you know that this city is simply a different beast. Even if you live outside the city, there is just something about New York that makes driving a little more complex and exciting than the rest of the country.

At Best Car Leasing Deals, we want to make sure you can secure the auto lease you need to make driving in New York a pleasure, not a burden. We offer the very best price and selection on a huge range of NYC auto leases.

At Best Car Leasing Deals New York, our mission is pretty simple: to help you find the exact auto lease you need for you and your family in NYC. We understand that leasing a car can be a tough task and often a confusing endeavor, so we’re here to help you navigate the New York leasing waters safe and easy.

When selecting where to lease your car, the choice should all come down to getting the best deal and having the best leasing experience possible. Our NYC auto leasing team has been helping drivers find incredible leases at unbeatable values for years, and we’ll do the same for you. Our massive network of

dealership partners means we always have thousands of cars available in any model, any make and any style you need and we’re never tied to a single manufacturer who can drive up their own prices.



Mon – Fri 10 a.m – 6 p.m


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Why choose our Horizontal Blinds for your home?

Constructed from the finest woods, alternative woods and aluminum materials. A large selection of slat sizes, stylish colors, paint and stain finishes. Beautiful range of decorative tapes.

Bright whites and rich, modern stains… Parkland® Classics™ Wood Blinds, 100% basswood, offer our widest selection of paint colors, stains and slat sizes, so you can find just the right design for your home. Parkland® Textures Wood Blinds feature a new wood species, abachi, which has a unique ticking look for subtle texture and a matte finish for a modern take on wood blinds. Incorporating natural textures is the perfect way to add contrast within the home.



Monday – Friday 10 a.m to 6 p.m


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At Vertical Blinds we consider window treatment as so much more than sun protection or a simple tool to privacy. Well designed window coverings enhance and complement your home décor. They create soothing atmosphere, raise ceilings, change the shape of a room, and hide shortcomings.

Properly chosen and designed window treatments create a statement. We offer the complete line of quality window coverings. Come and explore a wide variety of materials, and options of solar shades, blinds, and shutters.

Bring a few pictures and our staff will guide you through the process of choosing the correct type of shades, blinds, or shutters. Our technicians will properly measure and install your chosen product.

Vertical Blinds ideal for wide window expanses, and patio and sliding-glass doors. Select from hundreds of materials, fabrics and colors. Beautiful range of decorative tapes.


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The process of designing your kitchen or bathroom is supposed to be fun; however, a project that is meant to breathe new life into your home and improve the look of your décor can very quickly become a needlessly complicated hassle. Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel is here to make your home remodeling project a satisfying and rewarding experience.

If you’re living in Suffolk County, Nassau County or anywhere else in Long Island, you can rely on our experienced and qualified professionals for all your kitchen and bath remodeling needs. Featuring the latest and highest-quality products and an unmatched commitment to customer service, we’re ready to help you give your home the update it deserves. Call Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel today at (631) 486-8388.


When looking for an agency from whom to lease a top-quality automobile at great monthly rates, there’s a wide variety of agencies to choose from — but none that can beat NJ Car Leasing for a combination of low prices, car selection and superb convenience! The incredible deals waiting for you on our inventory page will make your head spin, whether you happen to be searching for a Mazda, Buick, Mercedes-Benz, Kia or Volkswagen automobile — or any other current make of vehicle! NJ Car Leasing’s online auto lease strategy means that we can offer you a virtually unlimited selection of automobiles, and we don’t have to specialize in just one or two makes due to limited space on a car lot.

When we say that NJ Car Leasing is the best agency in the state of New Jersey, what makes us so confident that we can back that up? It’s because we’re utterly changing the auto lease paradigm with our electronic leasing system that makes us the front runner in price, selection and convenience! When you get your vehicle from us — whether that auto happens to be a Maserati, a Cadillac, a Volvo or an

Audi — you know that you’re getting the lowest monthly rates available, and you’ll never have to settle for your second or third choice of automobiles!

Our low prices are enabled by the fact that we can cut overhead costs across the board — since we don’t have a physical car lot, we don’t have to pay rent or cover maintenance or hire security to protect our cars from thieves or vandals. And since we don’t have a fleet of cars (instead partnering with dealerships all across the state to offer their stock as our leasing inventory), we don’t have to pay the huge cost of obtaining those vehicles or upgrading them each time a new model year comes out!

This also means that, since we don’t have to keep a host of cars in a limited physical space, we can offer a much wider selection than any other agency around! What’s more, every step of the process — from picking out your car to applying, arranging financing and accepting your contract — is done online, so you never have to inconvenience yourself at a car lot or an agent’s office! With so much to offer, why would you consider going with anyone besides NJ Car Leasing? Give us a call today, or start the process right away from our selection pages!



Shutters & Shades  are incredibly versatile, especially durable and amazingly fashionable. Window blind versatility stems from the fact that they can be completely customized to complement any color scheme and trimmed with custom, decorative details.

Wood blinds, faux wood blinds, venetian blinds, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, and our exclusive collection of fabric blinds in room-darkening and light-filtering fabrics available in a variety of colors, are all window covering design options you can explore. All window blind types are easily paired with curtains or custom drapery and other window treatments, such as custom cornices or valances to create the ultimate, full-dressed windows.

Choosing the right set of window blinds doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful – running from store to store. carries many types of blinds, making the shopping experience much less stressful – especially when you work with Window Shutters & Shades.

You can order custom blinds for any room, including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and more! We can also make custom window treatments for bay windows, sliding glass doors, arched windows, and French doors.

Whether you are looking for living room window shades, modern kitchen window treatments, or just looking for window treatment ideas, we have many different options with a multitude of custom trims. Other available options include decorative cloth tapes, cord cleats, motorization, and more!


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Our service comes with years of experience and knowledge from our expert team, free pick up and drop off service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on work performed.


Our experts provide specialized Oriental rug restoration services all over New York, giving your rug its colors and vibrant look back again. Using tried and tested techniques, we are able to give each group of fibers its exact color and leave the rug as it looked before any stain marred it.

We treat your rug with the care and respect it deserves and promise to love it as much as you do. We want to lengthen its lifespan, and guarantee that its form and shape are as majestic and grand as ever.

Using our experience, we are able to perform the most delicate repair procedures, while keeping your rug’s look and form. We combine modern and classic techniques to best care for your rug.


Rely on the unlimited creativity of New Jersey Videography for

affordable wedding cinematography. You get outstanding quality, at the

reasonable wedding videography prices. Our NJ wedding photographers

are among the best in the region. We believe that it’s not about

trendy, touched-up images. It’s not even about finding that perfect

photo. It’s about capturing that perfect moment — that elusive “moment

between moments” that often passes without notice.


Expect personalized professionalism from beginning to end with New

Jersey Videography. Your team takes time to get to know you as a

couple, learn about your personal style, and understand what’s

important to you during your momentous day. On your Big Day,

professional wedding videographers and photographers document the

events so inconspicuously that you won’t even know they’re there.

You’ll receive a wedding film that shows the day with creativity and

flair as it represents your commitment as a couple.


Once you’ve decided to hire the professional wedding videographers and

photographers of New Jersey Videography, you can relax knowing that

it’s taken care of. Don’t give your pictures and videos another

thought. You and your wedding party need only fulfill your obligations

and have fun. Your video and photo team will thrill you with memories

of your day that will last a lifetime.


Our Services. We, as professionals, will bring to your day a promise

to you that your wedding story will be documented with timeless

photos, shot in an unobtrusive manner looking for the unplanned

moments that reflect the joy and love of the day. For couples looking

for fresh and innovative perspectives in their wedding videos, our

studio offers an artistic and photojournalistic approach complete with

custom-designed, editorial style albums. A high percentage of our

studio clientele come from referrals familiar with our personalized

service and unmatched quality in both photography, event videography

and cinematography in NJ.

Mon- Sun 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

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Used Car Dealer in Long Island. Hi5Cars is your top-rated source for all pre-owned cars in Long Island. We work hard to present you with a wide selection of vehicle options that you can choose from. We know that each individual has a personal taste when it comes to their car and the features within the car, so we try to have as many choices available as possible.


We have hundreds of different used cars for sale in Long Island and some of the top manufacturers you will find include: BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, Lexus, add more.


When you purchase a pre-owned car from us, you will have the peace of mind that it is reliable, functional, and safe. Each one of our cars goes through the Hi5 certification process, which includes a complete inspection. This inspection looks at the major and minor components of the car and also the safety features of it. Any car that cannot pass the inspection will not be offered for sale on our lot.


You will receive a Carfax report with any of the cars you are interested in, so you can take a look at it and determine if that car is the right choice for you. We also offer an extended warranty plan that can be purchased too.



The Team in cash for junk cars in Miami is friendly and ready to assist you with all you junk car removal services in Miami. Our trained specialists actually take full interest in buying junk cars, trucks, and vans while offering our customers the most amount of money possible.


Cash For Junk Cars In Miami will provide you with prompt professional towing services. Our towing service is fast, professional and affordable. We proudly serve the entire area of Miami. Cash For Junk Cars In Miami tows all kinds of transport vehicles. From motorbikes to boats and forklift to toolboxes, we will tow anything and everything for you. If your vehicle falls into a ditch, our staff is skilled enough to know what to do in the situation. They will recover your vehicle and will do it quickly and easily.


We hope you will be convinced that we are the best junk car service in Miami If you have any additional queries and concerns, you can call at the listed number and talk to our professionals and they will assist you further!


Mon-Fri – 9 am – 7 pm

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We, at Atlantic Dental Smile are unconditionally committed to providing superior quality of our work and service. We are Atlantic Dental Smile, full service Dental Laboratory located in NYC. We have compatible prices and outstanding quality. We successfully provide personalized service to dental professional all over New York area.

Our lab is up-to-date with the newest technology and materials. We offer a full range of dental restorations, such as conventional porcelain fused to metal, all ceramics restorations, crowns and bridges, full and partial dentures, and more. We guarantee exceptional quality restorations with correct fit and shading.

New York Dental Labs around the state have obtained some very high reputations. There are actually many great and essential dental labs around New York City. Just like New York is arguably one of the best cities in the world, Atlantic Dental Smile is the best dental lab. We strive to meet and exceed all your needs and expectations.


Zipjob is considered the best in business when it comes to resume writing companies in NYC. ZipJob matches customers with professional resume writers through its resume writing services online. They work one on one with the customer to provide job winning resumes.

Professional Resume Writing Services


We inspect every sheepskin rug that is brought to us in order to give you the fairest evaluation of its damage, and what restoration is possible. Once we begin restoring your rug, we will do our best to refresh its look and color, take away any odors and give a final return of its volume with special brushing. It is all done using only natural, non toxic cleaning products, so you can rest assure your rug will not damaged by harsh chemicals.


The natural oils in sheepskin can grab dirt and even smell on their own, let alone holding on to pet odors and marks. These are just some of the reasons why you need a professional rug cleaning and repair company to protect your rug’s beauty and style, as well as its value.


Even if the leather backing of a sheepskin rug dries and cracks (for example, when repeated pet urine or liquids were left to dry on the rug – dry rot sets in and tears start), we will check to see if holes can be repaired by creating new foundation and fiber, or invisible patching.

Our team of specialists work through a detailed process that was created to ensure every rug gets the treatments it needs, according to its state, material and so on. We inspect, recommend, and then deliver, each and every time.


Mon- Sun 11:00 am – 7:00 pm


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We have a proven track record of providing customers with bad credit car loans in NY and you can obtain one too. Do not be afraid to talk to us just because your score is low, or you had a rocky credit past.


You do not have to break your monthly budget to get into a car you want, and you do not have to overdaw your bank account to put down a payment either. Our financial experts will work with you to tailor a financing option that meets your needs and is based on your situation too.


You do not want to try to go at this alone, so call our office today and ask to speak with one of our financial specialists to go over your options. Bad credit does not mean that you are unable to be approved for a car loan, but it does mean that you will be met with many obstacles in that journey.


Unlike other dealerships and car lots, we do offer you other financing methods if you cannot obtain a traditional loan from a lender. Whether you have been turned down by others or you have had a repossession, we can help you.


Our team will set you up with a buy here pay here option that works for you. Typically, you will need to provide a down payment and then you will make either, bi-weekly, or monthly payments.

If you are interested in our buy here pay here option, now is the time to call our office and touch base with us.

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