Trust is something earned and not easily given. With rampant cyber security issues and fraudulent activities plaguing the internet, consumers finds it hard to put their trust on a website that they are dealing with.

For any website or e-commerce sites, you have to get the trust of potential customers so that they will spend their money on your services. The only way trust can be established is through trust seals or badges.

For consumer, seeing these seals puts them at ease that the business and website they are dealing with is trustworthy. It builds confidence within them to purchase and visit more.

What is a Trust Seal?

Have you ever visited a website or an online shop and see small badges at the web page and checkout? These badges you see are the trust seal.

These serves as an indicator of legitimacy and authenticity. Some guarantee that all data that will be collected will be treated with utmost confidentiality. These can also be considered as a way of endorsement-when third party website endorses your site to be genuine.

However, you have to choose the right Trust Seal for you. Choose one that will give your customers an instant impression that your website can be trusted.


Kinds of Trust Seals

There are mainly two different trust seals. One to indicate that your website is secure from fraudulent hacking and the other for company validity.

1. Security Seals. The most common yet vital trust seal of all. It provides information to the users and consumers that the website has met the industry security scan requirements. This means that your website is free from malicious malware contents or any type of viruses.

2. Business Identity Seal. This particular seal validates that the company you are running is existing and real. This includes verification of the address, contact details and other vital information about the company. The most common type of a business identity seal is the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

In the cyber world, competition is always there and can be quite strong. Having a trust seal can give you an upper hand in consumer spending and advantage in site traffic than competitors. Having a seal like Voted Best Badge can give your site a better lead than your contenders.

Why Trust Seals are Important

Trust seals are important because they can indirectly affect the activity and decision making of the shoppers and customers. If they see that the website is secured and legitimate, they can put themselves at ease with your site and service.

In return, the conversion rate becomes higher. There will also be an increase in website traffic which can lead to a higher transaction volume in your site.

It should also be visible and easily recognized by site visitors.


Trust is a valuable commodity that cannot be acquired easily. You have to build trust with your customers. You have to let them understand that you are a company can be relied on and it assures nothing but the upmost quality services and products.

Since you cannot speak to each and every site visitor, you have to send the message through trust seals.

If you cannot show any trust seal in your site, you will miss a lot of opportunity to grow and sell your site contents. Customers will leave your site hanging because of the lack of credibility.

Getting a trust seal for your site should be at least familiar to the consumers or eye catching just like Voted Best Badge which can be easily identified and recognized.

Also, if you have trust seals, it is advisable to back it up with some customer reviews. This way, you can certainly acquire the trust that you need for your website.

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